So long, Summer! Happy Birthday, Alisa!

Today we get to celebrate Alisa's birthday (which she shares with my husband)!  Happy birthday, Alisa!  May God graciously grant you what you need to love and serve Him and those around you in the coming year.  Love you tons!

We had such a wonderful summer, it's hard to believe it's over already!  A fabulous week camping with Gord and Alisa and family in July and then a week staying at there place in August when we went to celebrate my parents 40th Anniversary.  Lots of love and laughter and bonding.

And, now on to the next season.  Sophie is going to Kindergarten this year so I will have some days with only Sebastian at home.  I'm looking forward to spending more time in my sewing room (after I get my house back in order from the summer chaos).
Sophie(K), Tessa(3), Lukas(5), Anneke(6), Sebastian
Hoping you had a lovely summer too!


Summer! - Jalie Swimsuits

I had really good intentions of getting these done well before summer and even started cutting them out during the Spring Kids Clothes Week, I finished the last one just before swimming lessons started.
I've made this pattern for Anneke a couple time already but it doesn't seem to be getting any easier!  The end result is very satisfying though.  I was tempted to just get rid of the fabrics I have left but now that they are done I'm not so sure :)
Photo bomber bracing himself for the big bounce!
Sooo excited to see Alisa and family next week when we meet up for a week of camping together!!  Should be fabulous!


Made for Kids Month

I participated in #madeforkidsmonth on Instagram during the month of June (I'm @busyquiltmom).  I didn't get a photo every day but I did on 18 of the days.  I could have had more but I didn't bother taking photos of the ones I had done already.  As you can see in the collage, Carolin wears the most mom-made clothes right now.

Hope you are having a good summer!  I probably won't be around much after this.


Oliver + S Croquet Dress (Revised)

Not too many words with this one.  I actually finished this one a couple of weeks ago.  I used the Oliver + S Croquet Dress pattern.  I have made it once in the past and decided to make a few changes.

I added more width to the skirt portion so it would be more gathered and have a bit more flow.

I also skipped the elastic in the waist band.  I wanted a comfortable summer dress.

She loves it!

The only regret I have is the eyelet lace on the shoulders.  It makes the neck a bit too small.

Not one to let his sister get all the attention, we have a photo bomber.

Still hope to sew one more dress before I retire my sewing machine for the summer.


Garden Party Dress (oliver + s) #2

After making this pattern for Carolin I kept thinking of ways to make it for my other daughters.  They are getting older and more picky but I really want to be able to sew some things for them yet.  I took them with me to the fabric store and we picked out fabrics for their own versions of the Garden Party dress.

Last week I finished Melissa's version.  She chose a black with white spots polyester fabric (very slippery fabric) and I paired it with a black cotton voile to line it with.

 I made quite a few changes to the pattern to make this work as the pattern doesn't include lining and the construction of the dress doesn't really lend itself well to lining either.  First I separated the front bodice and skirt and added seam allowance to each piece.  For the top of the dress I cut out both fabrics and then basted each piece together and then treated them as one fabric.  For example I cut out four sleeves, two in the spotted fabric and two in the black voile.  I basted each spotted sleeve piece to a voile sleeve piece and then after that treated them as one single fabric.  It worked out very well over all.   Then for the skirt I sewed the outer layer and the inside voile separately then gathered them together and stitched them to the finished bodice.  The original pattern has you sew the skirt pieces onto the bodice first and the stitch up the side seams which would not have worked with a lining. 

One other change I made was to run elastic through the waistband.  Melissa is quite picky about loose fitting dresses.  I'm pretty sure she thinks it looks to childish.  I also put a hook and eye closure in rather than a button and loop.

Anyway, she is happy with the dress and so am I.  I do wish I had made it a tad larger, but this will do for this summer anyway.

I hope to make another Garden Party Dress for Deanna.  I have plans for different alterations to make it look different again.  Then I'll take a photo of all three girls in their very different dresses.


May Stars

I worked on this quilt through out the month of May (hoping to finish it that month too) thus the name May Stars.  I made it to hang on one of my very bare family room walls.  I picked out some of my favourite prints out of my fat quarter stash as well as my scrap bin.  It was pure joy to work on, picking out pairs of prints as I went along.

The project kind of stalled when it got the quilting stage and to be honest I'm not overly happy with the quilting (my machine was acting up too).  But now that it's bound I find myself liking it again and am ready to hang it on the wall.

The colours are bright and cheery and definitely 'me'.

Enjoy your week!  My kids have 1.5 days of school left and then it's summer break.



Totally forgot to pick a winner last night!  But just did it and the winner of the Seashore Dress, Top and Tunic is...

This pattern is so lovely, and so are the fabrics you picked to sew it
Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one!

Congratulations!!  Send me your email address and I'll get Jessica from Gracious Threads to send the pattern to you!